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Welcome to ATRIDE

Embrace the future
of e-t



Pioneering Tomorrow's Wearables, Today.

Discover the Future: Our wearable tech is redefining the game. We seamlessly integrate nanotechnologies and microelectronics at a textile level, utilizing silver and gold.

Our textile yarns, coated with carbon, silver, and gold materials, produce unparalleled signal quality. Welcome to a new era of connectivity and performance.

Tech That Moves: We're not just talking circuits; we're talking stretchable electronics. Our use of microelectronics, liquid metals, and polymers enables us to develop stretchable circuits and embedded sensors. Immerse yourself in the future of wearables that move and adapt with you.

Strategic Technologies, Social Impact: Nanotechnology, biotechnology, IoT, and artificial intelligence aren't just buzzwords for us – they're strategic keys to the future. We're focused on solving society's most significant challenges.



Elevating Healthcare through Innovation.


Setting Standards, Raising Barriers: We are committed to developing medical devices for clinical use at the highest standards. Precision, reliability, and excellence are not just goals; they're the foundation of our commitment to healthcare.

Innovation on the Horizon: Our product roadmap charts a course of innovation. From remote patient monitoring to early diagnosis and remote therapy, we redefine the point of need. Because healthcare should be where you are.

Wellbeing Redefined: For the seekers of wellbeing, our innovations transcend the clinical realm. We're dedicated to crafting solutions that enhance your everyday life, seamlessly integrating health and wellness into your daily routine. We aim to deliver solutions that support self-empowerment.

Embrace innovation, redefine possibilities.

Redefining Wearables with Human-Centered Design


User-First Philosophy: Every curve, every feature, is meticulously crafted with the user in mind. 

Empathy in Innovation: Understanding your needs is the first step in innovation. Our human-centered design is rooted in empathy, ensuring that every feature serves a purpose and enhances your experience.

Elegance Meets Functionality: Beauty in design meets practicality in function. Our wearables they're intuitive, making technology effortlessly blend into your daily life.

Accessibility by Design: We believe technology should be for everyone providing a tech experience that knows no bounds.

Our design is not just about appearance; it's about enhancing the way you live and interact with technology.


Embrace wearables designed with you at the center.

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